Escort Berlin

I am Mistress Bella, beautiful dominant lady awaiting your proper submission. Intelligent, well spoken, yet direct, I am alternately soft and feminine, yet strong and powerful. My soft voice will lull you into a hypnotic state, a place in which you will submit to anything and everything that I have in store for you. I consider myself to be a sensual artist skilled in playing the human body like a musical instrument. My intensity builds slowly, rising like the tides, yet I can be as capricious as the wind. You will experience powerful sensations and a heightened state of desire unlike any other. I enjoy seeing you wriggle with alternating delight and despair as I scratch, whip, and torture you into a delirious state of submission. As a lifestyle Domina, I have had ample opportunity to learn the many skills of my craft, and am adept with many of the tools of the trade.


Taking control and asserting My will are as natural to me as breathing. Being deeply sensual, fundamentally sexual, and thoroughly kinky are also authentic aspects of My personality. I have various mental, physical, and emotional talents, such as a sharp and insightful mind, a dexterous and staminal body, and strong sensitivity and intuition. These provide Me with the tools to best explore these opportunities. To maximize this potential, I seek to establish a real connection with each person I session with. Through this connection, I am especially interested in the way we can be physically, psychologically, emotionally, and even spiritually transformed and liberated through BDSM, fetish, and fantasy play and I deeply enjoy exploring this process with others.


Whether we engage in fetish play, train the body and mind, or inhabit other aspects of our consciousness,  the sessions I offer can range from a simple outlet to a structured plan with the intent to facilitate self-discovery and self-actualization. Whatever the intent, My goal is to hold a space where wonderful -- even magical -- things can happen.


I am 37 y.o., very experienced, beautifull and sexy, playful and dominant, allways elegant or exciting dressed depending on the situation.

I am available for the sessions in Berlin. Travel is only available after the first meeting.